Claim Support

Payment / Fees / Inventory Reconciliation & Claim Support

Service available for : india

Sellers are losing lots of money month on month because of technical glitches and measurement mistakes of automated systems and erroneous data input by seller / amazon employees.

It is most important for the sellers to check their payments, fee, inventory, auto reimbursement report time to time as if we do not stop leakages we continue paying extra charges / fee month on month until you highlight the same with the amazon SPS team.

Also it is more important to file claims in time as amazon has set different claim windows for different discrepancy types. So if you are late in filing the claim you can get the fee corrected for future transactions but you cannot claim reimbursement for excess charges of previous transactions.

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1. We check almost all Payments, Fees, Inventory level discrepancies (listed below)

2. We have check schedules for all discrepancy claims based on amazon claim window policies so we do not miss reimbursements windows like most sellers do

3. The claim and follow-ups are handled by our experienced team so you do not have to spend your time in preparing discrepancy data in amazon claim formats, replying to SPS queries or share policy links to SPS (seller partner support) team to get the claim approved

The Checks We Perform:

1. All order payment reconciliation

2. Fee invoice reconciliation

3. Easy ship fee, closing, referral, pick n pack,

4. regional fee, weight handling, seller flex technology fee reconciliation

5. Buyer return fee reconciliation

6. Courier return fee reconciliation

1. FBA inbound inventory reconciliatio

2. FBA removal inventory reconciliation

3. FBA non-returned inventory (missed in auto reimbursement)

4. FBA lost found inventory reconciliation

5. FBA / Easy Ship return inventory reconciliation

6. Carrier / Customer damaged inventory (missed in auto reimbursement) reconciliation

7. Replacement / Exchange inventory reconciliation